Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tip of the week by Gloria Averbuch - Traveling with the team

From Food Guide for Soccer—Tips & Recipes from the Pros, with Women’s Professional Soccer: 

Tips for Parents, Managers and Coaches when Traveling with the Team

• Remind each player to bring her personal supply of emergency food and fluids. For insurance, request each player bring an extra filled large water bottle.

• If flying, have each player pack one or two empty water bottles to be refilled after going through airport security.

• If the team will be eating as a group, order a buffet-style meal, so each player can choose the foods s/he wants, and to be able to get the desired quantity.

• Find restaurants immediately after arriving to your destination. Ask if they can prepare to feed a large group (so you don’t have to wait forever for service, give them a heads up) and if they can accommodate your group’s sports food needs.

• Request pitchers of water be put on each table.

• Locate the local supermarket. Find a volunteer to buy snacks for the group. Ask for volunteers to organize team meals or snacks at game sites, if necessary.

• Provide fresh fruit, yogurt, granola bars, and juice boxes for snacks to be available in hotel rooms.

• Remind players to pack their plastic zip lock bag of non-perishable snacks in their soccer bags, so it is with them at all times. And then, not to forget to eat those snacks!

Food Guide for Soccer — Tips & Recipes from the Pros, by Gloria Averbuch and Nancy Clark, RD, is available on
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